Fairytale dollhouse: Prague





There are a few cities in the world that ooze old-world charm, romance and fantastical vibes. As you wander through their cobbled streets, castle hills and quaint neighbourhoods, you feel transported to another era. Last year, in February, I took a trip to one such city: Prague

  1. Visit the Old Town Square. Though almost every European city has its own version of an ‘old town’ and a ‘square’, this one is definitely a tad bit more magical. The Church of Our Lady Before Týn with its gothic spires reminds me of Cinderella’a castle.
  2. Try the Czech street nibbles. Palačinky – the Czech crêpe, and Nutella Trdelníks are available in every street corner. Have paper napkins at hand to wipe the sugary, chocolatey goodness off your face!
  3. Go up the Old Town Hall Tower. The view is divine. It’s hard not to feel enamoured by the red roofs and chocolate-box buildings.
  4. Drink cheap prosecco! Beer seems to be the ‘go-to’ drink when in Prague. However, being a bubbly girl myself, I couldn’t resist popping into one of the hole-in-the-wall cafes advertising a glass of prosecco for CZK 30 (around € 1)! The prosecco was actually delicious, and at €1 a pop, you can spend hours there chatting and feeling like a local. P.S. Their banana Nutella cake was heavenly too!
  5. Try Italian food in Prague! I’m all for sampling local delicacies, but couldn’t resist the draw of this trendy restaurant, Divinis, just minutes away from the Old Town Square. Tucked away in a little alley, this restaurant has a warm vibe that encourages you to guzzle down their excellent house wine even faster! I ordered the grilled calamari with cauliflower puree, hazelnuts and chorizo, and the tagliolini cardinale.  Both dishes were remarkably flavourful.
  6. Check out the city at dusk. It has an ethereal feel and will truly make you believe in the magic of Praha!

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